A divinely-guided + curanderismo-based exploration with sound + breathwork + meditation + reiki + movement + reflection.



Meet the facilitators...

Identifying as queer, non-binary, Indigenous POC, Tanya Marck Oviedo’s (they/them) ancestral curanderismo is honored & infused throughout their work. They have alchemized 20 years as an educator in computer and health science with 40+ years of spiritual living and have formulated a well being practice that includes curated & facilitated: breathwork , meditation, movement, reflection, readings, limpias, sound, reiki, divination, mentoring and integration support. Certification(s) in Education, SEL workshops, Breathwork, Usui Reiki 1 & 2, Yoga CYT 200 hours, Remote Learning. Their practice embodies the intention of providing genderless, safe, brave containers for the exploration & attunement of well being tools that can be used and shared personally & collectively - VAMONOS.


Ruth Camillia is a bilingual & bi-cultural writer, artist, activist, educator, student, akashic records practitioner, & reiki master. They are a queer, Xicanx, intuitive with inherited gifts as a seer, reader, and vivid (sometimes lucid) dreamer. She is intimately connected with animal spirits, angels, helping ancestors, ascended masters, and other guides through a practice which blends various modalities, including the akashic records, reiki, curanderismo, dreamwork, meditation, and divination like automatic writing and the tarot. Their deep appreciation for the arts and surrounding cultures inspire their continued dedication to community and collaboration in this rapidly changing social climate.




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