special guest reader



WEDNESDAY, jUNE 20th, 12-7PM


I'm Krysten Barnes and have been a student of tarot for about 20 years. I say student, because my knowledge base of the cards is ever growing and expanding. I have returned to my beloved Crescent City in 2011 after an extended Katrinacation. 

I grew up in a world of Catholicism, Creole traditions, Baptist ministry and academic rigor. As you might guess, becoming a professional tarot reader did not fit into that design! However, my upbringing has given me my moral compass, a strong sense of commitment, respect, and a desire to be of service to others.

Always an odd duck, I have known my path was different from that of most people. My journey has seen several rewarding careers that included fields as diverse as nail tech and international flight attendant for a major airline. Those two positions gave me the unique opportunity to interact with people from various cultures and walks of life. Studying several religious paths from Catholism to Nichiren Buddhism to Voodoo, I have discovered, at their most basic, people want to be heard and to be understood.

For me, fulfilling those desires are the function of tarot. Not only do I use it as a predictive but also to guide my clients towards self-actualization. This way they make better choices and live the life they choose with confidence and authenticity. Using tarot cards gives a voice to my client's stories and helps them realize they are those stories' writer/director as well as the star.

My method uses the cards to take a snapshot of the energies around a person. It gives them different vantage points on how to view life. Everyone has free will, but some things are beyond our control. If we can see them as life lessons and not as punishment, we can have a far more rewarding experience regardless of the situation.

My approach is very straightforward yet compassionate. I respect that each persons journey is their own. I am not a licensed physician, attorney, nor a financial advisor, so I do not do readings on those topics. I respect my clients privacy and do not share information from readings with others. If you would like to have someone sit in on a reading, ask yourself first; would I want this person present in the bathroom, a doctors appointment, or a confessional? If the answer is yes, then by all means. If you have even the slightest hesitation, a polite request for privacy is the best way to go.

 I have returned to my beloved Crescent City in 2011 after an extended Katrinacation. I love Camillia red beans, CDM coffee and black cats. I can usually be found gazing at the moon while exploring the French Quarter.