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The 5 Elements of Mind is derived from models first defined by Dr. Nancy Ann Tappe of Kairos Institute for Seminars and Symposiums in the early 1980's, in her Mind-Spirit Paradigm. Perhaps the most important source of the Mind-Spirit Paradigm was her own inimitable genius. She has given us a model which may be reliably used as a foundation for the progression of the Identity Sufficient personality constructs.  Identity sufficiency refers to a process. If we can develop an identity which we can heal our past traumas by learning to love ourselves, we can end our own suffering, becoming empowered in conflicts intrapersonally and interpersonally.

Leas Maria advanced upon the prior Mind-Spirit Paradigm to create the present day model The 5 Elements of Mind. The internal practices build our ability to rectify our path progress and strengthen our ability to endure conflict. Through integrating The Ego Processor, The Mental Processor, The Body Processor, The Emotional Processor, and The Soul Processor, replete with the inculcation of The Cosmic Consciousness when necessary, we increase our ability to perform well in life, integrate lessons, heal past traumas, prepare for future events and store wisdom we have gained from successfully living our lives. 

Practice of The 5 Elements of Mind is akin to a good basic Kung or Kata or Movement of Forms as occurs in Tai Qi. Each practice builds a component of Internal Power. The results are cumulative. It is critically important to remember that internal power is limited by an individual's ability to love themselves. Internal power becomes a negative hurtful force in people who despise themselves. People who successfully take on the task of self love find it deeply challenging. The inculcation of the Soul Processor connected to the Cosmic Consciousness must be used correctly to give an individual the ability to turn self hate into self love, or even self destruction into self construction. 



Akasha is Sanskrit for “Primary substance- that out of which all things are formed” (Howe 4). Your soul, every soul is a part of all that is, source energy, the universe, or whatever other name you would like to give it. Your soul has been a part of this collective consciousness for eternity. When you decided to become the person you are now, you projected your soul into your current experience. You have an Akashic Record, a completely energetic field, that is a living archive of the journey of your soul through space and time. So, while you may not remember past lives, or even your early childhood, your Akashic record does.

We all have limiting issues, patterns, or beliefs that have traveled with us through out our lives. These issues could revolve around parental relationships, money, self-love or acceptance, or lifelong fears. The Akashic Records give you an opportunity to learn about the root of these life challenges from a place of love and compassion for you.

An Akashic reading allows you to connect to your eternal truth, and to feel the absolute and unconditional love that the Akasha has for you.


Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Using Biofeedback, he assists people in seeing the connection between their head and heart as well as the overall coherence of their nervous system.  He uses methods and processes that he has developed to help raise this connection and increase coherence which generates a feeling of peace and harmony within the body.  With Neurofeedback, a client is able to see their brain wave patterns in real time and help coach them to make desired shifts.  With both Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, the client is able to see how their system is functioning, try techniques and know how they are working both by how they feel as well as being able to see the readings on the devices change.  

Using what the client would like to create as a basis, techniques are shared to help shift brainwave patterns to align with those intents.  Qualities like achieving mental quiet, increased creativity or facilitating emotional release are some of the areas that can be useful. 

During sessions, the client decides if they would like to focus more on Biofeedback, Neurofeedback or an equal balance of the two.  They can then share their challenges or desired focus during the session and the work will be focused on those areas.  



Breathwork in all its forms has been practiced as a healing modality for Centuries but, it has recently seen a resurgence among those seeking profound transformation in all areas of their life. Breathwork is an active meditation using a pattern of breathing that restores balance to the stress response systems, calms the mind, relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves physical health and endurance, enhances creativity, releases trauma in the body and sharpens intuition.
Scientific Studies are revealing that Breathwork has proven highly beneficial in relieving symptoms of PTSD. The practice is done lying flat on the floor breathing a two part inhale first into the belly and then the chest (heart) and a one part exhale, both through the mouth for a duration of 30 minutes. A curated playlist deepens the experience of connection to our emotions through music. Participants have reported feeling euphoric and a sense of peace after the very first session.



Set up a meeting with Scarlet to conjure up your very own custom candle. After discussing your needs and intentions, Scarlet will chose the appropriate colors, symbols, herbs, oils and stones to add. She will also advise you on how to properly set it up in your home. If you need in depth guidance on direction, booking a reading first is highly recommended. 



Energy healing is used to heal, balance, and clear the energetic body.

Some examples of what an energ balance chakras, cleanse auras, and remove any stagnant energy in the body. 

Each practitioner will use the modality that would work best for you. 



Practitioners use their intuition, tools, and gifts to give you insight into your own life path. The goal is for you to leave empowered to make choices in your life for your highest and best good.

Our advice is to read the practitioner bios to see whom you resonate with because each practitioner uses different tools (i.e. oracle cards, tarot cards, pendulums, Akashic Records) to divine the messages.

All guidance is delivered with love and compassion.


Medical Intuitive Readings

We all have an inherent intelligence to heal. Dis-ease in the body is often a spiritual disconnection. We often use our brain alone when making decisions. We forget to include the most important aspect of ourselves, our heart’s desires. We are not a brain. We have a mind, a consciousness, a heart, a soul, and a divine biological intelligence. It’s innately within us. It is the greatest joy to remind you of this! This is the purpose of having a a medical intuitive reading. Take the first step. Allow yourself the opportunity heal, reconnect to yourself, and the divine source energy available to us all. 



Metaphysical Anatomy Technique (MAT) is a healing modality that gets to the root of your deepest issues, elegantly and effectively. When we experience a trauma, our bodies hold onto the experience on physical, emotional, and energetic levels.  All of our illness and physical pain is a result of unchecked emotional trauma that we have experienced or inherited from our ancestors. MAT works on the subconscious mind, the cellular memory, and the body, with energy and intention. It is painless and the results have been profound.

An MAT session might seem like a therapy or doctor's appointment.

We go over some non-invasive questions, do a focused meditation, and end with a debrief of  your experience.

In just 1-2 sessions clients are reporting

  • Decreased anxiety
  • End to insomnia
  • No signs of asthma
  • No physical pain
  • Breakouts clearing-General sense of calm and happiness

All sessions and results are different. Results, like all reactions to treatments, vary by person. Sometimes we resist healing because our state of illness serves us in someway.



ThetaHealing is a method of energy healing that works on beliefs of the body and subconscious mind. This newly discovered method by Vianna Stibal, is actually an ancient practice, one that we are returning to as humankind reawakens to its innate power.

ThetaHealing utilizes the theta brain wave to help client and practitioner to go into a natural, meditation-like state to optimize receiving the energy healing. The practitioner searches for beliefs that are causing the limitations and removes them, invoking the energy of the Creator of All That Is.

A ThetaHealing session involves meditation, learning and practicing muscle testing, and finding and releasing core beliefs that have been limiting in your life. There are many amazing things we can do with ThetaHealing, and all of them branch out from these core session practices.


Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is not a therapy or treatment. It is change. Each person's healing will be unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection.

Following your sessions, take a look at your life and be the observer. Notice what has begun to shift. It may be on a physical level. It may be on a mental or emotional level. It may be that a relationship has become easier or a work challenge has disappeared, or, just in vibrational interaction with others... you've become a catalyst, a new ink to a situation with which they had been struggling. 

Again, you will receive what is most appropriate for YOU in your life and for those you interact with. Reconnective Healing is a source to wholeness. It is palpable. There is a vibrational shift happening in your cells. Your DNA is changing. You begin to emit more coherent levels of light. Your life has become of flow and life progress.


Sacred Geometry Sessions

During these sessions a client can bring up any area where you are having a challenge or possibly an area that is going well but that you would like to take to the next level.  I will then share one or more of the Sacred Geometric Archetypes and walk you through a process or meditation (or both) to help you shift or expand that area.  I will have the forms on paper so that you can have them to focus on so all of the time will be spent on applying the forms rather than learning to draw them.

Here are some of the Sacred Geometric Archetypal Forms that I work with and some applications that I have found for each:

The Flower of Life: Shifting between different levels of  transcendence and embodiment, expanding consciousness, releasing old patterns, balancing perspectives and points of view, letting go of limitation and tapping into greater possibility.

Metatron’s Cube: Understanding the unfolding of creation and the flow from simplicity to complexity, creating harmony and synergy with elements of a team or project, balancing subjective and objective perspectives, and seeing holistically.

The Golden Mean Spiral and Fibonacci Sequence:  Creating in a way where growth is natural and flows easily, creating manageable and sustainable growth as well as setting and achieving goals organically, seeing the perfection in the process and broadening understanding of results.

The Torus: Mastering Flow, balancing giving and receiving, building and circulating energy, shifting from division to unity, incrementally building and expanding processes.