Richard combines elements of his Curanderismo practice, Espiritismo (Spiritism), ritual and channeling in order to walk side-by-side with you during our sessions. Calling on ancestral wisdom, spiritual guides and our own innate higher guidance, you work together to find the places in your life where you are feeling disempowered and then work to transform them into places of empowerment. He found that it is at places where we feel most weak and lost that we end up becoming the most powerful and radiant. Depending on how deep you wish to go, sessions can take the form of a reading to give guidance and clarity, they can be limpias (cleansings) to clear away energetic blockages and stagnancy or can take the form of deeper shamanic soul work used to reconnect you to lost or disempowered aspects of yourself… to rewrite outdated belief system so that they match a higher vibrational version of yourself.  As cliché and woowoo as it may sound, we really are our own best teacher and we always know on some level what is best for us. He makes it a point to honor that truth and to check in with your higher guidance to remind you that everything you will ever need is already within you, always.