The 5 Elements of Mind is derived from models first defined by Dr. Nancy Ann Tappe of Kairos Institute for Seminars and Symposiums in the early 1980's, in her Mind-Spirit Paradigm. Perhaps the most important source of the Mind-Spirit Paradigm was her own inimitable genius. She has given us a model which may be reliably used as a foundation for the progression of the Identity Sufficient personality constructs.  Identity sufficiency refers to a process. If we can develop an identity which we can heal our past traumas by learning to love ourselves, we can end our own suffering, becoming empowered in conflicts intrapersonally and interpersonally.

Leas Maria advanced upon the prior Mind-Spirit Paradigm to create the present day model The 5 Elements of Mind. The internal practices build our ability to rectify our path progress and strengthen our ability to endure conflict. Through integrating The Ego Processor, The Mental Processor, The Body Processor, The Emotional Processor, and The Soul Processor, replete with the inculcation of The Cosmic Consciousness when necessary, we increase our ability to perform well in life, integrate lessons, heal past traumas, prepare for future events and store wisdom we have gained from successfully living our lives. 

Practice of The 5 Elements of Mind is akin to a good basic Kung or Kata or Movement of Forms as occurs in Tai Qi. Each practice builds a component of Internal Power. The results are cumulative. It is critically important to remember that internal power is limited by an individual's ability to love themselves. Internal power becomes a negative hurtful force in people who despise themselves. People who successfully take on the task of self love find it deeply challenging. The inculcation of the Soul Processor connected to the Cosmic Consciousness must be used correctly to give an individual the ability to turn self hate into self love, or even self destruction into self construction.