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Blue Rose Botanics Grief Oil

It is Safe for Me to Experience My Emotions

Grief shows up in our lives in a multitude of ways. It can be sharp or dull, short lived or long lasting, motivate us or leave us uninspired, move us to rage or utter powerlessness. In our grief states, we are asked to hold ourselves, to hold our emotions. This can be overwhelming to an indescribable degree.

Grief oil seeks to hold you and make a path for your emotions to flow, it carries smokey quartz to ground and protect you, stilbite to soothe you, and rose quartz to make you sensitive to the love around you. Marjoram essential oil helps you to process your emotions while Lime essential oil helps to gently uplift you.


Use Grief oil for:

  • Processing difficult emotions

  • While grieving sudden loss or change

  • Connecting to buried emotions 

  • Reclaiming your power during emotional overwhelm 

1 fl oz

Blue Rose Botanics Grief Oil

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