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Ask a Medical Intuitive: How do Emotions Connect to Our Body's BioIntelligence?

  • MOSTLY ANGELS LA 2602 South Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90034 United States (map)

Ask medical intuitive, Leslie Muniz, how emotions connect to our body's BioIntelligence.

BioIntelligence represents the inherent intelligence we all have to heal. Dis-ease in the body is often a spiritual disconnection from ourselves and from our life. We often use our brain alone when making decisions and lose sight of our original intention. We forget to include the most important aspect of ourselves, our heart’s desires. We are not a brain. We have a mind, a consciousness, a heart, a soul, and a divine biological intelligence. Biological intelligence is innately within us. It is my greatest joy to remind you of this! Perceiving a cure outside ourselves is the great illusion. Your consciousness is the most powerful gift you can use on your own healing journey. Allow yourself the opportunity heal, reconnect to yourself, and the divine source energy available to us all. 

Topics/Activities covered:

          - Grounding exercise (short guided meditation)

          - What triggers an emotion?

          - How do emotions connect to the body?

          - Where do emotions connect to the body?

          - What is our body's BioIntelligence?

          - How can we create emotional wellness?

          - How can we heal ourselves?


Later Event: April 26