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The Torus: Giving, Receiving and Flowing Energy

  • MOSTLY ANGELS LA 2602 South Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90034 United States (map)

The shape of The Torus is found everywhere in nature, from the shape of magnetic fields to shapes like oranges and apples.   In this class, we will be covering the shape of The Torus as well as what it can be used for including two original energetic/ emotional processes.

We will cover:

-How to draw a Torus

-Properties of the Torus that make it unique and powerful

-Working with the Torus to master Flow and balancing giving and receiving 

-The chakras and their relationship to the Torus, magnetic fields and electricity

-Two demonstration props I will bring: one to be able to see the Toroidal field of a magnet and one to see the unified flow of the Torus

-A quick glimpse of Vortex Math and how it reveals hidden patterns in mathematics and when applied to Torus shaped electrical coils, it produces "overunity".  This means more energy comes out than goes in and is a way to produce "free energy"

-Two original processes that I have created: 

-One on balancing the flow of giving and receiving and 

-One that allows us to tap into and circulate more energy in and around the body