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Shamatha Meditation: The Tibetan Practice of Directed Attention

  • MOSTLY ANGELS LA 2602 South Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90034 United States (map)

"An archer aims an arrow, the wise aim their restless thoughts, hard to aim, hard to restrain."  - Buddha, The Dammapada

In this class Paul will be sharing the Tibetan Meditation practice known as Shamatha.  Shamatha training progresses through 10 stages starting at stage 1 where one can direct their attention for a moment or two and concluding at stage 10 where the meditator can hold an object of attention for at least four hours without any distraction.

In this class we will cover:

-An overview of the 10 stages of Shamatha Practice

-How Shamatha practice solves the attentional challenges of dullness/ sleepiness as well as distraction/ unsteadiness

-How to create a state of mind that is highly focused while also being relaxed and requiring less energy than our ordinary state of mind

-Enjoying the experience of meditation more

-How to bring this state of greater clarity and relaxed focus into your everyday life

-A guided meditation to give a taste of the first three stages

He will be sharing techniques from hypnosis, imagery work, neurofeedback and traditional meditation instruction to help accelerate the process