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Tezcatlipoca Meditation

Long before Carl Jung introduced the western world to the concept of the ‘shadow-self,’ there existed in Mesoamerica the concept of being whole by understanding and honoring ALL parts of one’s self, the light AND the shadow. Known as Tezcatlipoca, The Smoking Obsidian Mirror, the ancients were well aware of the duality that exists within us and knew how fractured and disempowered one can become by trying to ignore and hide away parts of one’s self. Duality only exists within us when we try to see our shadow as anything other than the entirety of who we are. When we do this, we give up our power and wholeness. Working with the concept of Tezcatlipoca, we learn to know ourselves fully by embarrassing and honestly sitting with our shadow-selves. By doing this, we become limitlessness and infinitely powerful! Perhaps this is one of the concepts that scared the Spanish Conquistadors so badly when encountering the Aztecs long ago…

Join Richard Contreras for a guided meditation and healing as we dive into the light found deep within the shadows. Come willing to fearlessly look into the mirror within yourself and reclaim power given away long ago.  


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