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Huizilopochtli Heart Activation Meditation

  • MOSTLY ANGELS LA 2602 South Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90034 United States (map)

In one of the major languages of ancient Mexico, the name Huizilopochtli translates into The Hummingbird to the Left, Hummingbird from the South or The Left Handed Hummingbird and is one of the four archetypal energies of the universe.

Plain and simple, The Hummingbird to the Left is the HEART that exists in the LEFT side of our bodies. Observing hummingbirds in nature, one can see just how similar these feisty, passionate and joyful creatures are with our own hearts! Similar to hummingbirds, our hearts desire to fly free, to be seen, to create and also, to claim (and at times even fight) for our right to exist!

In this meditation we will be doing a guided visualization to connect us to our own Huizilopochtli, our own inner hummingbird heart and explore what it means for each of us to free our hearts to be in its hummingbird nature.